The SRC (Spanish acronym for Networks and Communications Services) research group of the Universidad of Valladolid is constituted by professors and researchers with long research records in several areas of telecommunications and computer science. Specifically, the group is currently active on the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques for data manipulation/processing/mining/prediction to different areas, including context-awareness, Smart Energy Grid, Web Semantics, videosurveillance and sensors. In the last years the group has published a large variety of scientific papers in JCR-indexed top-level scientific journals.

SRC has also traditionally been active in other areas of research, such as SOA and SaaS, virtualization middleware, multimedia communication protocols and satellite communications. The group has a wide experience participating in funded research programmes at European and Spanish level. Specifically, SRC has been a partner of the EC Framework Programmes’ ICEBERGS, MEDIANET, SATSIX and OPUCE Integrated Projects, being in charge of OPUCE Technical Management. In addition, SRC has been awarded many research grants inside the European Space Agency, Eureka-Celtic, ETSI, and several Spanish programmes. The group has a wide experience in performing research and publishing results, and also in managing projects and preparation of proposals.